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I’ll be posting on my new blog from tomorrow onwards, so it’s time to say goodbye! Thank you for being such amazing followers, I’ve loved every second spent fangirling about Chuck with you all!

I hope you can take some time to check out the new blog here :)

I won’t be active on here anymore, so if you can still stand seeing my posts be sure to go follow me at morgandoor! I’ll be continuing to post lots of Chuck things as well as some other fandoms. I’ve got some Zac and Yvonne goodness in the new blog’s queue so watch out for that ;)

It’s New Year’s Eve here so I hope you all have a lovely new year!

Thank you, and I love you guys!

- Judy

Anonymous inquired: "Did you ever wonder who your secret Santa was?"

I did, but I don’t mind not knowing if my santa doesn’t reveal him/herself, since the fun of secret santa is because it is a secret! I’m just thankful that I got such a lovely santa sending me messages every day! :)

Hey guys!

Only 3 more days until I’ll be active on my new blog,

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas x


Anonymous inquired: "Merry Christmas!!! I hope you had a great day. It was an honor to be your secret Santa!! Always remember you're great, awesome, amazing, humble, genuine, kind, and beautiful inside and out. I hope you enjoyed your holiday. You deserve nothing but greatness. Here's to a great new year. :)"

You were a fantastic secret santa, thank you so much for making me smile for 25 days! I hope you had a wonderful christmas x

Anonymous inquired: "It's almost Christmas! I hope your day is as great as you. :)"

Hehe oh gosh the good thing about reading messages late is that I get to feel all warm and fuzzy inside even after christmas!

Anonymous inquired: "Why are you so perfect?!?! :)"

Oh gosh I’m just born with it


Thanks anon! Haha

Moving Blogs! 


Hey Chucksters,

So I’ve decided to create a new multifandom blog instead of running multiple fandom blogs, because it’s gonna make my life a whole lot easier. I’ll start using that blog from 2014 onwards, and I’ll continue with posting lots of Chuck stuff, so if you want to follow me there that…

Anonymous inquired: "Hi. Just a friendly reminder that you deserve nothing but happiness. Youre a genuinely amazing person."

hehe you’re too kind, thank you x

Anonymous inquired: "I hope you truly know how absolutely amazing you are. You're so kind and nice. Everyone who knows you is so lucky. You are an extremely humble and genuine person. I hope you have an amazing day and holiday. You deserve nothing but kindness and happiness."

This is one of the kindest messages I’ve ever received, thank you so much! I hope you also have a lovely holiday, and have a great new year! Thank you!